30 young people from Germany, Spain, Basque Country, Slovenia, Italy and Denmark will come together to participate in an International Youth Exchange on Sustainaibility and Refugees Crisis in Hallingelille ecovillage.

Denmark (Ronja/Camilla) : camilla@okosamfund.dk
Italy (Nicoletta): segreteria@ecovillaggi.it
Spain/Basque Country (Clara): clara.rdgb@gmail.com
Slovenia (Petra): petrajazbec33@gmail.com
Germany(Delci): delciza@ecobasa.org

We will come together to experiment the life in this ecovillage and to explore together what kind of life we want to create for ourselves and this world.

For more information: Youth Exchange in Denmark

Interested? All costs are covered by Eramus+. Check how to apply?