About Us

Yes to Sustainability is a network of young people and youth workers whose aim is to bring together young people in ecovillages and sustainable projects in Europe. Our vision is of a world in which young people are empowered to create resilient communities, contribute to regenerative cultures, and take care of the planet.

We work towards this by organizing Youth Exchanges and Mobility for Youth Workers such as training courses and seminars. These activities are fully funded by the European Union’s Erasmus+ scheme, which means that young people can get closer to sustainability completely cost-free. We also offer support and mentoring to ecovillages, networks, sustainable projects and young people wanting to organize a Youth Exchange. Learn more about our support and mentoring here.

Our mission is based on four pillars that mutually support one another:

To connect young people to ecovillages and sustainable initiatives where they can discover alternative low-impact lifestyles, and find inspiration to align their personal choices with their values and the needs of the planet.

To empower young people to find their inner strength, take responsibility, take action and embody the change that they wish to see in the world.

To create opportunities for young people to grow personally and to explore sustainability in all its dimensions (social, ecological, economical, cultural…) through transformative and experiential learning.

To connect young people so that they can exchange practices and ideas, discover diverse worldviews and experiences, feel part of an international and inclusive community and share a sense of belonging.

From 2016 until 2022 we have run 34 youth exchanges and 19 trainings for more than 500 young people and more than 250 youth workers in 18 countries.

Who We Are

We are a group of young people and youth workers interested in sustainability willing to share ecovillage lifestyles and low impact ways of living. Our work is done by young people, with young people and for young people. We come from a wide range of different countries and backgrounds, united by our vision.

Today we are a network of young people across Europe. Some of us are based in ecovillages or other sustainable communities, others are still exploring. We’re connected to the Global Ecovillage Network in Europe (GEN Europe), its youth branch NextGEN, and its national networks including RIE, RIVE, and many others.

What is a Youth Exchange?

A Youth Exchange is an activity funded by the European Union’s Erasmus+ scheme. It offers the chance for young people to travel, gain skills, and meet others from around the world in a 5-21 day activity with all costs, including travel, covered.

YTS runs youth exchanges in ecovillages and sustainable projects to help young people get closer to nature, sustainable living, and themselves. We’ve run activities on leadership, permaculture, organic farming, rural youth, and much more. You can see examples and reports from past exchanges in our archive.
Youth exchanges are open to people aged 18-30 from eligible partner countries – each exchange is organised between associations in different countries, which can send a specific number of people. The youth exchanges have topics and the young people are supposed to engage not only in the idea of travelling abroad but also be interested in sustainable living and the topic itself. We want you to be empowered in the best way possible.
You might need to fill out a questionnaire or send some details about your personal background to participate and be selected for a youth exchange.

What is a Mobility for Youth Workers?

To support inspired young people we offer trainings (called mobility for youth workers) about sustainable youth exchanges or youth leaders for sustainability which are also funded by the ERASMUS+ programme. They will help you develop your own projects and share your experience with more youth. The hosting venues are ecovillages as well as communities and sustainable projects that align with our vision.

In contrast to youth exchanges, trainings are without an age limit. Come join us!