In recent years, within the Yes to Sustainability network, we have noticed the need to mentor groups and individuals who want to create a project inside the frame of sustainability. Thus, we have developed a group of individuals who can support you from the initial idea, the implementation of your sustainable event to the final report. We are thankful that the pool of mentors inside the Yes to Sustainability network is growing and more projects can be empowered with knowledge, skills and experiences that were gained through years of creating sustainable events. Contact us at:


Petra Jazbec
Mentor and Trainer

Petra established an association for a sustainable way of life in Slovenia called Zavod Veles. She has lived for 13 years on a social-permaculture farm as one of the founders and co-creates the place.
She studied to be a primary teacher, but her heart brought her to learn from others and pass on knowledge and experiences about sustainability.
She is a permaculture teacher, focusing on social aspects, but bringing a holistic way of life to her projects. Facilitating courses, events and activities about community life, project design and sustainability is her passion. She is a coordinator and mentor in many youth projects. As a trainer, she is coworking with the National Agency and she entered the pool of trainers.

Elizabeta Z Jovanovska
Mentor and Trainer

Elizabeta is a resilience trainer, transition explorer, Agile learning facilitator, and a youth trainer and mentor. In her work, she combines non-formal education and self-led learning approaches to cultivate personal and community resilience skills among youth. Throughout the years, she has been involved in numerous local and international programs and projects focused on personal, social, and environmental transformation, youth empowerment, community development, creative expression, and self-exploration journeys. Elizabeta is passionate about raising awareness of the importance and joys of regenerative lifestyles and encouraging radical imagination for positive societal change. She is a part of the Transition Network team, supporting the worldwide Transition movement in the role of Practising, Learning, and Sharing Transition.

Stefanie Görisch
Mentor and Trainer

As a naturopath, Stefanie offers workshops & seminars in the fields of phytotherapy, nature connection, inner work & conscious sensuality. After her B.A. in Management in Health Tourism, she visited different European ecovillages and projects. With her growing community experience she started to facilitate & support group processes. In ZEGG she did a Forum leader training. She has been involved in several European youth exchanges & trainings from Yes to Sustainability as a youth exchange organizer and facilitator.

Simone Cesaro

After a few experiences in community projects, youth work and group processes, Simone is currently living in the transitional community of Sunseed, in Southern Spain, where he takes care of gardens and people. He has experience writing and coordinating international volunteering projects as well as non-formal education opportunities for young people, especially in the framework of European funding like Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps. Currently, he is focusing on training skills in Group Facilitation and mentoring young people in groups individually and in groups to support their learning process.

Baldesca Moner
Mentor and Trainer

Baldesca is a project manager and a facilitator. She has a background as project manager in start-up companies and international R&D projects in the field of renewable energy and sustainability. She holds two master’s degrees in industrial engineering and energy systems. She is also a certified yoga teacher and moon dancer. She studied nutrition, healing and women’s empowerment from different traditions and communities around the world. In the past 6 years, Baldesca has lived and worked at Ängsbacka, a community, retreat and festival centre in Sweden covering different festival management roles, managing Erasmus + projects and facilitating dance workshops and circles. At the moment, she is also part of an emerging ecovillage in Spain.

Kristina Pavlova
Mentor and Trainer

Kristina started working in the field of non-formal education in 2013. Over the years she has created and developed programs for youths and adults. She has been living in communities and running different types of projects since 2017. Since 2018, has been running ESC and Erasmus+ projects as coordinator and facilitator. The main topics of interest are ecology, health and well-being, community living, nature-based experimental learning and practices, and permaculture.

Maria Luisa Garachana
Mentor and Trainer

Since I can remember myself, I dreamed of creating a different world, where it wasn’t always mandatory to work in the same place, to earn a salary that would allow me to pay. I studied Occupational Therapy, and specialized in psychiatry. In the beginning, I combined my passion for taking care of people, with my philosophy of a self-sufficient life, in community and in union with nature. For the last eight years, I have travelled and lived in various communities, and I have devoted my life to showing that another world is possible. For this, in the last six years I have been professionally dedicated to developing projects within the Erasmus + program, to finance training focused on this purpose, personal, community, sustainable and artistic growth.

Corinna Fech

In the past, Corinna accompanied travellers on this beautiful planet in terms of tourism and assisted young people on their educational path. After her M.Sc. Sport Tourism and Recreation Management she worked as an experiential educator and in the informal education sector. Today, her focus is on accompanying people in their encounters with themselves, among other things, in the hero’s journey. She lives out her passion for sensitizing young adults to the use of digital media through the annual “Digital Detox”-Youth Exchange in cooperation with YTS.

Katja Štemberger
Mentor and Trainer

Katja has a background in Civil engineering, sustainable tourism and social work with marginal groups. Her passion towards nature, humans and inclusivity escalated further after her acquaintance with permaculture and the ecovillage movement. She is active as a Permaculture and regenerative holistic designer, mentor, facilitator, teacher and project coordinator. Her motivation is empowering on a national, regional and international level through personal and common growth connecting with nature whisper.

Eponine Sels
Mentor and Trainer

Eponine Sels started as a youth worker being involved for more than ten years in the educational movement for young people “Les Scouts” in Belgium. She gets inspired by the values that scouting is promoting and keeps empowering young people with skills to create a better world. After getting a degree in Agricultural Sciences, she is following her childhood dream to become a farmer. For the last 7 years, she has been living in the Ecovillage of Zajezova where she is the supervisor of ESC volunteers in a small farm that follows permaculture principles. She has experience working with Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps projects. She organised a few youth exchanges on the topic of nature conservation and social changes and training about project creation. Her interests are permaculture, resilience and simple living. She likes to share and learn from others.