Arterra YE in Euskal Herria

We are searching for 30 young people from Spain, Turkey, Romania, Israel and the Netherlands to participate in an International Youth Exchange on Sustainaibility at Arterra Bizimodu ecovillage in Spain.Are you interested? Please help us get to know you better!
Be honest and show us your motivation to join our Youth Exchange!!!

Spain (Fanny) :
Turkey (Ibrahim) :
Romania (Teodora) :
Israel (Eszter) :
The Netherlands (Mieke) :

For more information:
Here is the link to the form that applicants to fill in.

August 2024
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  1. This exchange allowed me not only to know and interact with the network of eco-villages outside of Italy, but also to meet and to confront with people of my age with whom share discussions, comparisons, expectations and dreams. At the same time, I was able to practice sustainability and not anymore consider it a simple abstract concept, as I had done until now. I am happy and satisfied with this experience and I wish everyone could have the opportunity to live a Youth Exchange, because it allows us young people to know that we are not alone in believing that another world is possible.

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