BYG Future – Build Your Green Future

We are looking for 30 young people between 18 and 30 from Italy, Neaderlands, Lithuania, Polonia and Romania, motivated and interested in sustainable ways of living.

They will come together to experience life in an ecovillage and explore what kind of life they are creating for
themselves and the world. During these days, they will organise different activities, and take time to reflect
on how to develop their own life in a sustainable direction.

The youth exchange will take place in “Progetto Gaia Terra” Ecovillage.
Gaia Terra is an intentional community formed by 6 adults, and a group of people who are approaching the
community lifestyle (about 15 long or short term volunteers).
They are living in a suggestive place, an old brick factory surrounded by nature and with a beautiful river.
The community was born in 2018, when a small group of people decided to realise their dream: a community
based on economical, ecological and relational sustainability.
Their values are sustainability, ecology, reciprocity, peace, harmony, personal growth, care and respect for
any living beings.
Their passions and interests are expanding; they are engaged in many activities: gardening, permaculture,
bio-construction, vegan food, autoproductions, zero waste, self growing, dancing, body arts.


If you want to apply, fill the form before the end of July:

August 2024
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