We want to explore our limits, what constitutes our self, both as individuals and as members of groups, communities and society. We want to focus on our well-being and realize who we really are and what we really want, and from there move to meet the others. The tool that we will use for this exploration is creativity, in the form of manipulation of clay and the experience of singing together in a circle.

The young people living in Torri Superiore will join us in this experience and together we will draw inspiration for the whole ecovillage resident community, that will support us to build a resilient group and to walk towards a more meaningful and sustainable life.

We are looking for 21 young people between 18 and 26 from Italy, France, Spain and Slovakia, motivated and interested in sustainable ways of living. If you want to apply, fill the form before Monday 16th May:

August 2024
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  1. Hello!! Good morning 🙂
    I introduce myself… Im Lucía and I´m 24. I live in Spain and I just meet you thanks to my friend Marina, who has made an exchange with you last week in Germany. She has told me all the beautiful moments with all of you there in the forest.
    I couldn´t apply for it because of my job and because of the amount of days dedicated to the exchange, but it change in summer!! I can take free days from my holidays and share them with you there in Italy!

    I would like to enjoy the nature and find new people, new ideas and other ways to look after our lands, people and acosystems.
    I used to live in the countryside. I am from a very little village called Mazarambroz and I grew up there until 18, and so I believe in live in community, sharing the resources and respecting the others, obiously including every kind of life!

    I would like to know you and all the others who are interesting on learning alternative ways of living and sharing!
    Thaks for reading me! Hope to hear from you soon 🙂

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