Digital Detox and Nature Connection for Sustainable Living

The youth exchange will take place in “Haus Sonnenwald” in the village Schernbach- Seewald, Germany in the region of the Black Forest.

The hosting young (since 2015) non-profit organization „Freundeskreis der Akademie für angewandtes gutes Leben e.V.“ is establishing a place for transformative, practical and alternative education and a place where we can experiment with sustainable lifestyles to create innovative and creative solutions for the big challenges of our time.

The vision is to empower people and to help them unfold their unique potentials to be able to get active as pioneers of change for a good live for everybody.

The principles and values are a focus on the common good and the individual needs, the unfolding of everybody’s individual capabilities, exchange and networking with locals and international partners, ecology and regenerative, thoughtful lifestyles and creating a “new-we” – a cooperation in trust, solidarity and awareness.

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Sustainability: Through different activities we have time to explore and share our dreams, challenges and opportunities as a generation, participate at workshops and intercultural activities. Immerse into sustainable living through actions we assist in different community works e.g. cooking and preserving food, building and repairing projects, planting trees and turning hay, cultivating vegetables, taking care of the cows.

Digital Detox: The whole program is without digital media to gain awareness about your digital behaviour and to find out what makes happy besides mobile phone, computer and Co accompanied by workshops.

Nature connection: Besides living surrounded by nature during these days, there are also some workshops focused on herbal knowledge and earth connection.

As a group we will live, laugh and celebrate together as a temporary community, cook our own food and organise ourselves in a daily structure. As an investment in your personal learning journey we ask you for a participation fee between  80 € – 150 €. It is on a sliding scale to take into account both your own personal situation and also the different economic situations across the partner countries. Please take these factors into consideration when deciding your participation fee.

How to apply?

If you haven´t already done, you can apply for the project by the 12th of August 2020 by filling in the following form:

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