Earth & Heart Connect to your inner leader!

Are you committed to inner process work, transformation & stepping out of your comfort zone, diving deep into yourself, facing your inner dragons, expanding your box and embracing life in its pure love? Our experience showed us that it can be very intense and beautiful at the same time.

This exchange is for people that are at least 18 years old, who want to co-create with us a safe space of trust, authenticity, love, sensuality, mutual support, respect, where you can follow your inner truth and experience yourself in a group. By learning the basic techniques of communicating our feelings, needs and boundaries, we gain confidence and security in ourselves, relationships and groups. We want to raise consciousness in the fields of social conditioning, love & sexuality, connection to ourselves, our bodies, nature and others through methods like Sharing Circles, Medicine Walk, Queer, Men-& Women Circles, Deep Ecology, Playfight and Sexological Bodywork and more. This training takes place in an eco-initiative to show us a new perspective on sustainable living.


Find more information about the training here. If you’re from Finland, Serbia, Slovenia, Greece, Italy, Spain, or Germany and are interested in being part of the Youth Mobility apply here!

May 2024
August 2024
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