“FROM I TO WE – Yes to sustainability”

ReSOURCE: Verhniy Bereznik, village Tarasovskaya, Arkhangelsk region, Russia
8th – 15th August 2019
#intheforest #влесу [v lesủ]

1. Youth exchange
It is an Erasmus+ project that allows young people to go abroad, to learn foreign languages and cultures, to learn best practises on youth participation and to contribute to a better world with the support of the Erasmus+ program.

2. “From I to we – Yes to sustainability”
“FROM I TO WE – Yes to sustainability” is an international project that aims to bring together young people from different regions of Europe by organizing Youth Exchanges in different ecovillages, funded by Erasmus+.

Youth will come together to experience life in an ecovillage and explore what kind of life they are creating for themselves and the world. During these days, there are different activities and time to reflect on how to develop own life in a sustainable direction. Furthermore, you are without any digital media and getting so awareness about your consume and find out what makes you happy besides mobile phone, computer and Co.

3. When?
The activity will take place from 8th to15th of August 2019, 8 days long, you should count 2 days more before and after for the journey.

4. Who?
Basic English speaking youth with residence from Russia, Spain and Germany in between 18 and 30 years who would like to focus on their digital use in daily life and finding a better way for conscious use.

5. Where?
The youth exchange will take place in Verhniy Bereznik (ReSOURSE), village Tarasovskaya, Ustyanovskiy region, Arkhangelsk region, Russia (1 200 km from Moscow or Saint-Petersburg).
Verhniy Bereznik (legal entity – Regional Networks for Sustainable Rural Development, ReSOURCE) was founded in 2012 and is community situated in old still vibrant traditional village Tarasovskaya in the Russian North. The aim of ReSOURSE is rural territory development and support of solidarity values 3
throughout the world. Target groups – local citizens of rural territories, in-country and international volunteers, grassroots activists, youth, people through different ages. Our organisation implements youth educational programs, explores and introduces ways of sustainable rural development, works with ecovillages. http://resourse.org/english/

Meals are vegetarian (with vegan option), and we will try to provide for special diets if necessary. Please inform your Youth Leader if you have special needs and write it down in the application form.
Concerning drugs and alcohol we would like to make it clear that there is a no-drugs tolerance during the youth exchange. It is allowed to drink alcohol in a responsible way and as long as it does not affect the ability to take part of the programme and planned activities. It is NOT allowed drinking alcohol during the day time. There will be smoking corners – it is allowed to smoke only there.
Accommodation The accommodation will be simple, but pleasant, in shared rooms in the common houses in old traditional russian style.

6. Programme and activities
Digital detox – you are living 8 days in cultural diversity and sustainable lifestyle without digital media.
● Sustainability: immerse into sustainable living through actions: Assisting in different community works e.g. cooking meal for participants, gardening (collection of harvest, preparing new permaculture bed, weeding), collection herbs and making tea, making cheese, activities with cattle, goats, horse, ecobuilding and repairment activities, collection products from the forest
● digital detox: explore how to live without digital media
● Daily Working Groups: cooking for lunch, cleaning etc.
● Sustainability: Through different activities we have time to explore and share our dreams, challenges and opportunities as a generation, participate at workshops and intercultural activities, national culture sharing, discovering topics like Permaculture, Ecovillages, Working and living in Community, Peacebuilding and conflict transformation
● digital detox: workshops on this topic
● Daily Working Groups: cooking for dinner, cleaning etc.
Other activities:
● Helping local farmers
● school children and care about local forest
● forest ecosystem studies.
Possible excursions:
● old traditional russian village;
● traditional soviet-time library
● building a dugger-boat master-class and/or riding on it
● a visit to the private local region museum

7. VISA (only for german and spanish participants)
VISA: You should make a visa request as soon as you are chosen as a participant! You can get support in your national group.

8. Costs
It provides an opportunity to join meaningful work and experiential learning while costs for food, accommodation, visa and travelling (!travelling costs are covered up to a certain amount, the rest is on its own!) are covered by Erasmus+

9. Application
https://docs.google.com/forms/d/12m5eK5wHkqp9sC4rBsL6o76dT4IHuqzGR6yxUwdwqWs/edit?ts=5 c78ed7c

10. Contact details
Dimitry for Russia (host): dmitry.solovyev@list.ru
Clara for Spain (coordinator): clara.rdgb@gmail.com
Corinna for Germany (sending): corinnafech@gmx.de

Website http://resourse.org/english/ ; www.yestosustainability.wordpress.com

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