Cr-I-TO-WE-ty youth exchange

From 17 to 24 June 2022 the Cr-I-TO-WE-ty youth exchange took place in the Torri Superiore ecovillage involving 24 participants from 4 countries (Italy, France, Slovakia and Spain), accompanied by 4 group leaders and a facilitator.

After a long period of separation and physical distance due to the pandemic, the participants were able to explore their limits and authenticity, both as individuals and as members of groups, communities and societies. The exchange focused attention on the well-being and ability of young people to realize who they are and what they really want, and from there move to meet others.

The tool that has been used for this exploration is creativity, in the form of clay manipulation, under the guidance of Marilia Nogueira of Messy Lab, and the experience of singing together in a circle, inspired by the work of Giulia Attanasio of Terra dei Canti.

The young people who live in Torri Superiore joined this experience and together the participants interacted with the entire resident community of the ecovillage, which supported them to build a resilient group and to walk towards a fuller and more sustainable life.

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