Digital Detox in Community Youth Exchange

“If you put away your phone, you are open to embrace so much more beautiful things happening around you.” – Tim

How is the imagination of giving up not just your smartphone, but all digital devices for ten complete days? And how does it feel to experience this with strangers in a community?

Courageous young adults from different cultures took on this challenge and met for it in the “Nature Community”, a German eco-community in the Bavarian Forest from May 05th to 16th, 2023. The project took place under the umbrella of “Yes to Sustainability” and was funded by Erasmus+. Here are more voices to dive into the experience:

“Through this Youth Exchange, I learned that my body is capable of more strength, empathy, softness & creativity than I thought. I feel a beautiful trust within myself, the group, this community & the universe.” – Charlotte

“Digital Detox was a valuable opportunity. I had the time to reflect with myself and look the others into the eyes, without the rush of the outside world.” – Sofia

“I am amazed at how good and refreshing it feels to be around so many beautiful like-minded souls. And I feel forever grateful for all the amazing connections, deep talks, ideas and networks that have formed during this beautiful time and nature community.” – Tijn

“The Digital Detox Exchange I experienced has been a most wonderful way to take a break from my normal life, much fewer distractions, …, a form of reset that I much needed in our day and age.” – Tom

“The experience was beautiful; I feel grateful to have shared with everyone some African indigenous wisdom which I learned from my grandparents & elders in the community who raised me. I also learned a lot from the other cultures, and I am looking forward to a Global Youth Exchange someday.” – Elizabeth

“Without digital media I was much more aware of myself, my feelings, my thoughts, my needs etc… and of the wonderful people around me, the possibility for very valuable encounters and talks. I experienced also to express myself more open, free, and authentic.” – Henning

“When you are surrounded by nice and interesting people, you are not going to miss your phone at all. The experience opened my eyes that digital media often just distracts us and pulls our attention away. Living without digital media for a certain time is an experience that I highly recommend to everyone, no matter which age or background.” – Flo

“I had deep connections with people in a way I have never had before. I loved that there was room for me to express my hardship and my emotions. The connections we made during certain exercises were so profound I think I will never forget about them.” – Petter

“The YE gave the possibility to spend time with oneself in the form of connection to body and mind, feelings, people, inner and outer nature. An experience very much needed and important nowadays to make aware of the over-consumption and – stimulation of our generation. We spent time in group and alone and our host was incredibly generous and helpful to make us feel welcome and well.” – Matthias

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