Dreaming Game

One day during the exchange we were doing a dreaming game and writing down our dreams in a collective process. Each person had to write one dream in a paper and after some minutes pass the paper to the next person. These are some of the dreams that came up:

“We are a group of people respecting each and willing to bring peaces in the world. We travel around the world visiting communities and cities. We exchange tools and knowledge about how to conect deeply with ourselves, planting trees, building natural houses, healing about our deep pains and understand how harmonic life is possible. We are also connected to the animals and the plants, we feel like part of this huge ecosystem called ‘The Earth’.”

” I would like to live in harmony with my environment, my culture, my community and myself. I want to live in nature, in a simple structure, being carefully of my waste, buying ecological products. I will have some emotional sharing with my communnity and animalss/ trees/ plants. I’d love having some sports-moments during the week, with healthy people. We would come together to play and create a space where we can be like children again. Afterwards, we go home together and cook and eat and discuss our dreams and ideas for tomorrow.”


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