Feeling at home at Hallingelille

Thursday, 11. Mai
Its is thursday,  and probably all of us feel already at home in Hallingelille. Everybody found the sleeping place, depending on its tastes:  in the barn near  the horses,  in the common house, where I’ve heart they make many “cuddle puddle”, or for those of us who needed a more calm place are staying as guests in houses of the “Hallings” (villagers of Hallingelille) .  At  the moment open space is going on, a format to share skills and discuss about different themes. Meanwhile Arne is giving a sociocraty ( a decisionmaking model for comunities) workshop,  from the floor downstairs hilarious laughs come… some participants are playing ping pong, . in a corner they are people jamming while some other are riding horses outside.

In this last few day we received inspiring inputs, we got to know about ecobasa, the gift economy network and GROW project, a refugee project dealing with ecotherapy.
In the mornings we are meeting and choosing different  tasks, among building a compost toilet, sorting clothes for refugees, painting walls, peeling tree barks and feeding the horses.
The relation among us got deeper and deeper, also thanks to wonderful moments like “men and women circles.“

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