Leader in Me 4.0 Training

From the 9th to the 17th of August 2023, Veles farm hosted the 4th edition of the Leader in Me training. An Erasmus+ training, within the Yes To Sustainability network, in which participants from all over Europe came together to co-create and share experiences that would give them a better understanding of leadership as well as a better understanding of themselves as sustainable leaders.

Surrounded by hills, sprinkled with meadows, diverse forests on the slopes, blooming wildlife, a scent of fresh grass in the air and bright sunny rays spreading all over the place; the crowing of the rooster in the early morning (and afternoon), geese honking, Stella’s barking, and the purring of the nameless kitten who came on the very first day, Veles Farm. The perfect place to be immersed in nature, with the most welcoming hosts of all Slovenia, Janez and Petra.

Together participants tried to find the leaders within, to find their inner calls through introspection, connection with nature and movements.

Through the powerful tools of Dragon Dreaming, together, they went into the depth of researching and experiencing the strength of working within a community, as well as working with themselves as sustainable leaders.

They were encouraged to try themselves in leadership positions by implementing theory, experimenting with their bodies, voices, and finally by experiencing what it feels like to be a sustainable leader.


“The training week made me confront my fears and struggles so I could overcome them. It could not have happened if it wasn’t for the safe space within the group.” -Lotte

“I really liked the kitten.” -Stella

“The experience of a lifetime, a deep connection to the people and place, an amazing learning environment.” -Teo

“I realized I was connected to the group all the time, even though I was convinced that I can not connect all

There is belief and hope that these kind of trainings will spread all around the world, and that Veles Farm will create future editions of this training.


Experience the journey through their captivating YouTube video

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