TEMPO DI VIVERE Youth Exchange, Part 1


Lea from Germany tells us:

The creation is a circle” said Simona at the third day of our wonderful journey. At this morning she and Gabriella shared with us their way of living in “the circle way”. It’s a life in community, that is based on empathy, respect and deep connection on an emotional level. Listening to her words wasn’t like hearing something new… it was like remembering a wisdom that was already inside me, but that was covered by bad experience and unhealthy social structures.


It is the knowledge of unity, of the human strive to be in a circle. The need of deeply listening, watching, touching and understanding. The need of being heard, seen, touched, without being judged. The two weeks were an emotional rollercoster for me. Katia, another member of that wonderful community, taught us about emotional healing, as natural medicine. She made us cry, laugh and scream.


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