TEMPO DI VIVERE Youth Exchange, Part 11

Alejandra from Spain tells us:


The authenticity of a clear look, of a sincere embrace, of a kiss of nature. The immensity of feeling yourself so small above a blanket of stars. The life that breathes you, that caresses you, that wants nothing else but that you live with all your cells. The freedom to be yourself, without masks, costumes or judgments.
Each of you gave me so much.
Time no longer matters. It is really now our only Tempo di Vivere.
May this dance continue until the soul takes us to another dream.


Alberto from Italy tells us:


We are approaching Bettola to reach the ecovillage where the project is to be held. The road starts to climb the hills of Piacenza that slowly turn into mountains; a fallow deer crosses the road, we stop to admire it and scatter in the vegetation surrounded by the scent of elderflower in bloom before resuming the journey. Reached Time to Live the community welcomes us with open arms completing the “green” embrace that had accompanied us to this point, making everything truer, more alive. This was my arrival at the “Empower yourself with the circle way” project, from the beginning I felt I was an integral part of the group. The Circle Way and community life have created an inclusive context that has given expressive freedom through personal attitudes, emphasizing the importance of collaboration and the contribution made by individuals. The environment was enriched by each member. I perceived the desire to share passions and knowledge, at the end of it, the group growth has resulted in an enrichment. Many activities were focused on understanding how to listen and express ourselves freely. A strong synergy was created in the group. The last few nights, watching around the fire, dancing typical dances or organizing the final event, I felt this magical energy feeling in a friendly place where I could be myself. I miss the group, the community, the place but I smile at the memory of the beautiful experience.