TEMPO DI VIVERE Youth Exchange, Part 10

Bram from the Netherlands tells us:DSC04740

Wow. What a ride it has been these last 12 days. I’ve created art, theatre, food and a lot of dirrty dishes. Planted seeds, weeded grass and helped prepare a pizza party. Given card readings, sang songs, gave massages. Went on an expedition to another ecovillage and on adventure into nature to find a beautiful waterfall. I’ve participated in circle dances (un, due tre), gratitude circles, an ohm chanting circle and reflective circles. Played many games of ninja & hide and seek and a lot of fun energising activities. Had so many inspiring, deep, funny and reflective talks. About politics, sociocracy(inter & intra) psychology, economy, permaculture, sustainability and so many other topics. I’ve experienced a deeply healing contact improvisation evening, a very warm and loving cuddle puddle, so so so many hugs and group hugs and a very relieving anger release exercise.


Everyday my good and new was to wake up with so many beautiful souls around me. It was an intense 12 days, to say the least. Triggers here, triggers there, but it was worth every second of it. Now after a trip of allmost 30hrs I am allmost back in Tilburg. Feeling inspired, grateful and sad for missing all the people, but knowing that the future looks so very bright, if this is what communal living can be!! Thank you all for those that have touched my soul and infused my spirit…

Yannis from Greece tells us:


These two weeks in Tempo di Vivere, will be an unforgettable experience for me, for the rest of my life, cause I learned a lot. I realise that through the circle way and the rest of the beautiful communication methods they are using in the ecovillage, it made it possible for 25 people we entered, to come close to each other and reconnect with our inner world. It was like a deep dive in the waters of the soul. It was interesting and important to learn about the homeschooling and the option of the sociocracy to take our common decisions. I find it incredible that people have the opportunity to participate in this kind of youth exchange that is also free of any money charge. I feel thankful and appreciate all the participants. I think it is something that needs to be continued.

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