TEMPO DI VIVERE Youth Exchange, Part 9

Adriana from Spain tells us:


In this alienated world of grey emotions and subordination, sitting in a circle and sharing from the heart is a revolutionary act. No one is on top neither below, we all look to each other as companions of this journey, of this life. During our Youth Exchange in Tempo di Vivere, a community somewhere in the mountains between Milan, Bologna and Genoa we explore a lot of topics concerning the current ecovillage world, from practical skills in the gardens using Permaculture principles, cooking for the community, making natural cosmetics, carpentry (with the magic of building useful things) to social tools such Circle Way, Non Violent Communication, Sociocracy, Deep Listening among others. We played a lot, of course! We danced, sang and did many silly things.


We created a temporary community with its own culture, a new family emerged. Now we all carry a small flame inside of us that could be the spark for new projects towards a more sustainable and resilient future. Special gratitude to Tempo di Vivere, amazing people, who dare to follow their hearts, to Yes To Sustainability network for believing and support these programs and to all the participants who make me feel again the power of friendship. There isn’t nothing that together we can´t do, or at least try!


Simone from Italy tells us:


When I arrived in Tempo di Vivere I had a few expectations and most of them were connected to my desire to know more about permaculture and sustainable agriculture. Nonetheless, I was surprised and amazed by the idea of community that the ecovillage managed to share with us, showing an alternative way of life based on respect, personal growth, deep sharing and so much happiness. In a very few days I was able to create a powerful connection with other 24 European young people despite language and cultural differences. To me, the most beautiful result of this youth exchange was the possibility to meet a lot of different people and realizing we are all peers and we all have the same interests and dreams. It taught me that it’s possible to create an international network of sustainability, a community that shares ideas and experiences and grow together. It was a real life-changing experience!

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