TEMPO DI VIVERE Youth Exchange, Part 8

Coen from the Netherlands tells us:


My youth exchange to Italy was a great success. I enjoyed myself very much and got to know a lot of new and lovely people there. The community that lives there is also very friendly. The program was quite diverse and very fun to participate in. There was also enough time to rest between the different sessions. The program was mainly focused on the social aspects of sustainability with the circleway as the subject. This was very well put into practice by the friendly Italian community of Tempo di Vivere and the youth leaders. The program was also about permaculture, which is of course very interesting.


We were also allowed to help with various tasks such as; working in the field, with wood, cleaning and cooking in the kitchen. I also enjoyed the cultural dinner, the tiramisu was very tasty. I am very happy to have played hide and seek, I think back with pleasure. The farewell and community party was also a lot of fun, so many people from the area came to see what exactly is happening at tempo di vivere. I will certainly miss the people I met there, luckily I can keep in touch via email. I hope to see many people again that I met in Tempo di Vivere. I also wanted to thank you very much for helping me to participate in this exchange.

Eva from Germany tells us:


Being part of the youth exchange in Tempo di Vivere is a personal milestone for me. 13 days of new experiences, immense personal growth and a lot of sharing gave me motivation to continue my way towards a more aware and sustainable life. Especially, to learn and practice the circle way was eye opening for me. Personally, to learn about sociocracy as organizing and decision-making method was important and I decided it is something I want to continue engaging in. Summarized, in every aspect it is worth it to take part in this kind of youth exchange.

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