TEMPO DI VIVERE Youth Exchange, Part 5

Chris from Greece tells us:


The Youth Exchange at Tempo di Vivere (TDV) was a very wonderful experience and one that I will remember for many years to come. I was the Youth Leader for the Greek team, so I was very fortunate to meet the other Youth Leaders, Nicoletta and the TDV community at the APV. Arriving for the YE at TDV I was greeted with such kindness and warmth, which represented the overall attitude of the community during the whole project: warm, friendly, kind and incredibly hospitable. 

The topics of the project were very thoughtfully select and compromise a well-rounded approach to all the necessary facets of living sustainably, as well as to bring inter-European and global peace. We covered social topics such as non-violent communication, sociocracy, homeschooling and how to empower ourselves with The Circle Way. These were supported by explorations of practical topics like Permaculture, natural agriculture, natural medicine, production of sustainable hygiene products.


True to the Youth Exchange format, we had facilitated sessions which allowed us to share our knowledge and co-create a structure for our understanding and future direction. We covered opportunities for employment in the sustainable economy, as well as the true facets of sustainability and the role that eco-villages can play in transitioning to global sustainability.

The dynamics between the group were very good, and we truly held appropriate space for one another to express ourselves and create strong bond, as well as being formal enough to learn through active participation. We also organised and co-created a number of evenings of entertainment, as well as a fantastic outreach event/party for the local community. Here we demonstrated to others the power of the Youth Exchange Erasmus+ programme, as well as the importance of Yes to Sustainability in this critical time of global change. It was also a highly fun event, with lots of cross-cultural conversation, performances, joy, games, dancing and excellent food!


Overall I feel the whole Youth Exchange was so well created and supported, with excellent facilities and we were so well hosted by the community at TDV. I returned home with the most amazing feelings towards this place and the hope that more young people will have the opportunity to experience such a beautiful place and a fantastic Youth Exchange like I did.

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