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Leader in me 2.0

Once again, under the Yes to sustainability network, young people by heart, youth workers, from 10 countries gain an opportunity to discover and co-create leaders in themselves during training on Zavod Veles in Slovenia. Topics we explored together were sustainability in practice and as an inspiring learning space, public speaking, toxic leadership and qualities of good leaders, group dynamics, non-violent communication etc. 

The first part of the training was a presentation of different theories and exercises so participants could acknowledge and recognize already existing skills but also learn from one another through co-creation, collaboration and honest and clear communication. Group culture and teams were created so responsibilities were shared among participants. The second part of the training was putting theory into practice by designing workshops for other participants where future youth leaders had all of the liberty in choosing topics, place, time, tools, and methods they used. 

Result was amazing! :  over 16 workshops in 4 days held by empowered participants with topics such as resource sharing, mental health and physical wellbeing, social sustainability, sustainable practices, importance of pollinators etc.
For the very end we had a session of recognizing what we had learned about ourselves and others, what skills we had acquired and space to give gratitude and celebrate this amazing learning experience for all people included.

New cultures and stories had been shared, new friendships and possible collaboration between youth workers had been created and participants went home inspired, empowered and with a new energy to create more future leaders who will impact the world and youth around us in a sustainable way. 

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