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Youth on Earth – Yes we (c)are

“Intense world issues are flowing through us. To make peace happen in the world, we need to work on our own issues deep inside. To pacify our relationship to ourselves, to others, to our society. Thanks to acceptance of our emotions and shadows, we can let energy flow, so we can step into our power and take action in a way that we serve the common good.” Axelle Deprez
After one year of postponing, finally from the 19th to the 29th of august “Youth on Earth – Yes we (c)are” Youth exchange took place in Zegg Community in Germany. The third edition of this project brought together 30 young participants from Germany, Italy, Spain, and France. Some participants were longing for this youth exchange since last year, others encountered this opportunity this same year.

The aim of this project was to co-create between the participants a safe space of trust, authenticity, love, sensuality, mutual support, respect, where we could follow our inner truth and experience ourselves in a group.

In the mornings we helped the community in the garden, construction, planting, harvesting, cleaning, cooking and more, learning their history and sharing with the members.

During these very intense days, we explored our inner world along with a group of people that could hold us and accompany us through our processes. For this objective, our wonderful facilitators Ena and Steffi, showed us different techniques such as the compass of feelings, boundaries and consent communication, feedback giving and receiving, withhold sharing, sharing circles, nature walk, emotional discharge, and Zegg’s Forum.

This last one is a practise developed by Zegg Community, a group process to reveal the authentic and alive truth within us. It is like a “social ritual”. Participants experience the freedom and permission to be who they are and allow others to witness them this way. When you speak you go in the center, and the rest of the group, in a circle, witness and support your exploration. Our facilitators duos propose ways to explore the center and ourselves. We explored short interventions, mirrors (as a way of giving feedback to the person), and a theatrical forum. It is a way to connect to new perspectives, in a non-judgemental space, and to recognize our interdependence. Deep inside, we share so many stories, mechanisms and feelings.

We cried, we laughed and most importantly, we learned. Each participant resonated more with one technique or the other, all of them, helped us to know ourselves better.

“The fact that participants from the youth exchange felt more comfortable among themselves, shows the possibilities about how to use these methods in different aspects of our life to learn how to work as a team, as a community, as a member of a society. And when a person is able to do inner work, they can feel more connected with the beings, with nature and therefore generate self-awareness about the essence of life. For a better world we need to start with ourselves.” Erika Beltrán

The evenings were also an exploration time, in a more playful way. First we had an introduction to the Forum through games and opening the circle. We explored the power of our voice through some guided singing. We played “hot seat” around the fire to get to know our deepest curiosities about each other. Those who are part of projects presented them. Also, this evening Yes To Sustainability was presented to allow young people to participate and take advantage of this partnership. We had an open stage of imperfections, so we can show our creativity as it is. We enjoyed Zegg’s amazing sauna and the evenings that were free, the participants got together to try out playfight, contact dance, or some fresh drinks under the stars at the Zegg’s bar.

“Three hands interlaced together, skins burning, a spiral ring, other fifteen people cuddling on my right, a guitar being played, a golden atmosphere above us. Fullness.” Miguel Yuste

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