Next Exchange at Lakabe Community in October 2017


Mornings: Hands on practical activities on low impact ways of living such as: construction, landscape management, permaculture gardening, picking wild plants with community members. Some of these activities will be done with locals.

Afternoons: Exploration time, workshops and intercultural activities between the group and community members and self-development exploration time in groups.

Lakabe is a small village located in the Arce-Artzibar valley in Navarra.
It was abandoned during the 60s and squatted in 1980 by a group of young people from the conscientious objection movement. They dreamt to build a communitarian, alternative and transformative space to adapt to the rhythms of nature.

Today, this project continues with the same essence: enable and experiment utopia. Around 40 people give life to this village; building and confirming a life project in community, sharing economy, labour, resources and making decisions through assemblies. Cultivating the gardens, taking care of the animals, facing life from a communitarian space, human and gender relations, making ecological bread, managing our own electric energy with an isolated system that works only through renewable energies, reforesting the forests and managing the forest in a respectful way, working to create a sustainable world, also at a human level.

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