TEMPO DI VIVERE Youth Exchange, Part 2

Pascal from the Netherlands tells us:

These two weeks were once more an amazing journey. Together with a group of friends I travelled by train to a small Italian ecovillage called Tempo Di Vivere. There we followed a program to learn about Manitonquat’s ‘Circle Way’ and how life is in this village up in the mountains.

IMG_0017With so many wonderful young people from Italy, Spain, Germany, The Netherlands and Greece we formed a really close group. Lots of story’s, idea’s, fun, laughter and tears were shared. A community on its own was growing. We learned a lot, worked together with the people from the village and also shared with them our knowledge. There was some time to make nice walks and to visit the nearby waterfalls for a refreshing swim and of course we played a lot of games together.

During one of the days we also visited another ecovillage called Lumen to see how they live. The differences are huge and it’s every time interesting to see how much each ecovillage that I visit has its own way of life. It was a great youth exchange and I am really thankful for the chance to have been there. The friends I made will remain in my heart and probably some of us will meet again.DSC04298

Annamaria from Greece tells us:


In light of these times, The Circle Way reaffirms the essential practice of taking a seat on the rim and turning to one another to uphold racial, ethnic, gender, economic, and environmental justice. This project reminded me the importance of the circle. Everyone is equal, there is no hierarchy, just pure respect, love and empathetic listening. Respect is not something you win or acquire or make the others do, respect is a human right and it belongs to everyone!


Healthy food cooked in a communal kitchen, daily meditation, reminding our life purpose, amazing working groups in the garden, artistic, arts & crafts, music, sustainability, international night, natural medicine, hugs, kisses, love & respect.The circle way has given as so much, it is vital for a sustainable community, for life itself to exist.


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