TEMPO DI VIVERE Youth Exchange, Part 3

Judith from Spain tells us:


This Youth Exchange it has been a life changing experience. A precious gift that I will never forget. Surrounded by¬† wonderful human beings and a precious natural environment I had the great chance to connect deeply with our mother earth again. Waking up with beautiful sunrises, absorbing the energy of the sun by practising Yoga and Tai Chi. Feeling the wind blowing around, submerging all my body in purifying waterfalls. Touching the earth with my feet and hands while we were working in the garden, smelling the enchanting aroma of the flowers and making delicious drinks from them. Preparing and tasting delightful vegetarian food every day. Enjoying the songs, histories and the warm of the bonfires. Observing the moon each night, contemplating the shining stars…Admiring the magic of the universe.


I believe that spending time with a multicultural team it is very enriching, even more if it is with people that share your vision of life and has similar values. I have learned a lot from each of the participants, community and youth leaders. A lot of their histories and wisdom have inspired me. As well as all the workshops: Permaculture, Natural Medicine, Sociocracy….these topics have widen my mind and I know that they will be a key to open a lot of new doors that will allow me to improve personally and professionally.


Thank you to this amazing experience, I have more clear my way in the life. I would love to continue exploring the world of ecovillages, trying to find a place where I could live and grow in a sustainable way with the company of a beautiful community.

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