The Youth Exchange has started

Sunday,  7. mai
The youth exchange has started! The first week has almost passed and the days where full of interesting activities, laughter, inspiring exchanges and deep conversations. We just landed in the beautiful paradiselike ecovillage of Hallingelille, where about 50  inhabitants live in very diverse shaped houses  between sheeps, horses and even a zebra!
Today is sunday and some of the participants took an excursion to Copenhagen to visit the famous Christiania, an autonomous comunity area in the city which has its own laws, organizational structure  and colourful buildings. In the meanwhile in Hallingellile the other  participants are preparing pasta and salad for the evening , and next to them, some inhabitants of the ecovillage are cooking dhal (indian lentils) and rice: afterwards both food and people will mix, sharing flavours and experiences.
Yesterday evening, after arriving, we watched the inspiring movie “Tomorrow”, which presents solutions to the ecological, ecomical and social crisis of our days.

Then, lying all together on matresses in the community room, we all fell asleep there.
We spent the first three days in the island Langeland, in a complex of builings that once was a boarding school. Here a small group of people from Kopenhagen started a project 6 months ago:  doing workshops for permaculture and entrepreneurship, having a bakery and a fishshop – all organic of course and helping refugees with the wholeintegration process.

In the mornings we could choose working tasks we’d like to do, like building palette furniture, building a recycling system or working on the field. In the afternoons we played funny games, went to the beach, spoke about the skills we can offer and our dreams for the future, played music on the campfire, and had a party with refugees.

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